Nour Eliz
Interactive Media Designer

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Nour Eliz
Interactive Media Designer

Interactive Media Designer based in Lausanne (CH).
I do a variety of work, this allowed me to experiment different fields related to visual communication.
Passionate about digital design, film, storytelling and interactive experiences.
And I’m interested in new approaches to communicate based on innovative visual vocabulary. Always curious to learn more and to try other varieties of creative trends.

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Instagram @nour.eliz

Education and experiences
Currently, Interactive Content Creator Intern at, Geneva
2019-2020, Cameraman / Editor Intern at La Télé, Lausanne
2019, Workshop with Alexandre Gavras & Michele Pennetta, Film
2018, Workshop with Matthieu Gafsou & Mathieu Bernard-Reymond,Photography
2017-2020, Interactive Media Designer FPC, Eracom, Lausanne 2014-2015, Advanced English (C1), London (UK)

UI / UX Design
Graphic Design
Motion design

2020, CFC Interactive Media Designer
2015, Language certificate, English (C1)
2014, Scientific baccalaureate

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